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    Significant development in Indian Agrochemical Sector: Four key associations unite for common goals

  • Date : 19 October, 2023

    New Delhi: Four major industry associations, namely the Agro Chem Federation of India (ACFI), Crop Care Federation of India (CCFI), CropLife India, and Pesticide Manufacturers & Formulators Association of India (PMFAI), came together for a common cause. This initiative was born during the AgroChem Summit organized by the Indian Chemical News (ICN) at The Park, New Delhi on February 24, 2023, with Arun Baroka, Secretary of the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals under the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers of the Government of India, gracing the event as the chief guest.

    Parikshit Mundhra, President of ACFI, stated, "Basically we have decided that all the four associations would be working together as far as possible on the common minimum program which would help us to strengthen our position in the industry and in front of the government regulators. Few of the key areas where we would be working for improving the perception of the industry among stakeholders and the public at large. Also, we would focus on the safe and judicious use of agrochemicals, trying to improve the legislation for registering newer products."

    Deepak Shah, Chairman of CCFI, emphasized the importance of a united industry voice, saying, "Industry must work together and must have one voice. I feel most of the issues are common barring one or two. The issues which are not common we can leave aside for the time being and work on issues which are common which are affecting the industry as well as it is affecting all of us."

    Dr. K. C. Ravi, Chairman of CropLife India, described the significance of joint representation, stating, "This is the first time that we have invited all the four associations under one roof. There are many issues on which there is convergence. We had something called the 3D agenda which was all about policy and regulatory issues and we found that there is more than 80% convergence on most of the issues so this was an attempt to bring everyone together and set up some kind of mechanism by which we take up these issues with the government so that we are one voice to the government."

    Pradip P. Dave, representing PMFAI, expressed his pleasure, "It is a great pleasure to meet all the associations, and I am very happy that all four associations are under one platform. As you know day by day, pesticide and agrochemical business is getting more and more complicated. We have to depend on many things like state authorities timely and untimely banning the product during kharif time."


    Source: Indian Chemical News



A tribal woman farmer showing lights on ornamental fisheries

26 Apr 2024

Dipali Mahato
Ornamental fishery farmer

Name : Dipali Mahato

Designation : Ornamental fishery farmer

Name : Mr Anil Ghanwat

Designation : President, Shetkari Sanghatana

Name : Dr Bindu R. Pillai

Designation : Acting Director and Head, Aquaculture Production and Environment Division, ICAR-Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture

Name : Dr O.P. Yadav

Designation : Director, ICAR-Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Jodhpur

Name : Ravishankar C.N.

Designation : Director, Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (ICAR-CIFT)



10 Apr 2024

Telecommunications Engineering Centre & ICAR release joint technical report

Telecommunications Engineering Centre & ICAR release joint technical report on how smart technologies can be integrated into traditional farming