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Basic Data

Indian Agriculture, an Overview

Indian agriculture is among the most robust and biggest in the world. Agriculture, with its allied sectors, is unquestionably the largest livelihood provider in India ranking second in terms of agricultural farm output and allied sectors. Most of the industries also depend upon the sector for their raw materials. Steady investments in technology development, irrigation infrastructure, emphasis on modern agricultural practices and provision of agricultural credit and subsidies are the major factors contributed to agriculture growth.

Indian agriculture has undergone rapid transformation in the past two decades. The policy of globalisation and liberalisation has opened up new avenues for agricultural modernization. This has not only leaded to commercialisation and diversification, but also triggered various technological and institutional innovations owing to investments from corporate entities.

Major Crops

Cereals Wheat, Jowar, Bajra, Maize, Ragi And Barley
Pulses Moong, Urad, Arhar, Gram, Lentil And Peas
Oilseeds 2Groundnut, Rapeseed & Mustard, Nigerseeds, Soyabean, Sunflower, Sesamum
Fibre Cotton And Jute
Others Sugarcane, Tea, Coffee, Vfc Tobacco, Onion, Potato, Black Pepper And Coconut

India as a Rank Holder in Key Crops

Crop RanksYear
Rice Production 2 2010
Coffee Productionn 6 2011
Coffee Productionn 2 2011
Jute Production 1 2008
Onion Production 2 2010
Potato Production 2 2010
Soybean Production 5 2010
Sugarcane Production 2 2009
Tea Production 2 2010
Tomato Production 3 2010
PWheat Production 2 2010

Cultivation Season in India

There are three main type crop seasons :

Kharif crop Cultivation season

Kharif crops are cultivated at the beginning of monsoon and kharif crop raised in the month of September to October. Major kharif crops are rice, Joware, Bajra, Mainze, cotton, sugarcane, Seame, soybean and groundnut.

Rabi crop cultivation season

Rabi crops are cultivated at beginning of winter season and it rose in spring time period. Major Rabi crops are wheat, Jower, gram, linseed, and rapeseed and mustered.

Summer crop cultivation season

In summer season rice, Mainz and groundnut are grown naturally.


A tribal woman farmer showing lights on ornamental fisheries

26 Apr 2024

Dipali Mahato
Ornamental fishery farmer

Name : Dipali Mahato

Designation : Ornamental fishery farmer

Name : Mr Anil Ghanwat

Designation : President, Shetkari Sanghatana

Name : Dr Bindu R. Pillai

Designation : Acting Director and Head, Aquaculture Production and Environment Division, ICAR-Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture

Name : Dr O.P. Yadav

Designation : Director, ICAR-Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Jodhpur

Name : Ravishankar C.N.

Designation : Director, Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (ICAR-CIFT)



10 Apr 2024

Telecommunications Engineering Centre & ICAR release joint technical report

Telecommunications Engineering Centre & ICAR release joint technical report on how smart technologies can be integrated into traditional farming