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    Bharat Rice: Union Minister Piyush Goyal Introduces Affordable Grain Solution for Every Indian Plate

  • Date : 07 February, 2024

    Union Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Textiles, and Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal, inaugurated the retail sale of rice under the 'Bharat' brand and marked the occasion by dispatching 100 mobile vans. The event, held on February 6, witnessed Goyal's emphasis on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's keen awareness of the nation's needs, particularly in managing essential commodity prices.

    Government's Commitment to Farmers and Consumers
    Highlighting the government's dedication to both farmers and consumers, Minister Goyal reiterated the commitment to procure essential commodities from farmers and distribute them to consumers at subsidized rates when necessary. The launch of retail sale for 'Bharat' Rice aims to augment market supplies, thereby contributing to sustained price moderation for this vital food item. This initiative aligns with the government's ongoing efforts towards consumer welfare.

    Availability of Bharat Rice
    'Bharat' Rice, packaged in convenient 5 Kg and 10 Kg bags, will be readily available at all Kendriya Bhandar, NAFED, and NCCF physical and mobile outlets starting today. Moreover, plans are underway to expand its availability across other retail channels and e-commerce platforms, ensuring wider access to consumers at a maximum retail price of Rs. 29/kg.

    "We were already providing India with Bharat Dal and Bharat Atta as per the directives of the Indian government, and today we have also included Bharat Rice in it. Let's make this campaign a success. We deliver affordable food to every home,” said Mr. Ritesh Chauhan, Managing Director, NAFED

    Comprehensive Support Under PMGKAY
    Under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana (PMGKAY), the government extends support to farmers, general consumers, and over 80 crore beneficiaries through the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS). This comprehensive program encompasses various groups, including school children, adolescents, and those residing in hostels, ensuring food security for all.

    Procurement and Distribution
    The government's procurement operations ensure the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for food grains, pulses, coarse grains, and millets. The recent statistics reflect significant procurement of wheat and rice, with respective values highlighting the substantial investment in supporting farmers and stabilizing market prices.

    In a bid to moderate wheat prices, the government has expanded the total quantity offered for sale under the Open Market Sale Scheme (Domestic) and imposed restrictions on wheat exports and stock holding. These strategic measures aim to ensure ample domestic availability and prevent market speculation.

    Efforts to Stabilize Edible Oil Prices
    To mitigate the impact of international price fluctuations, the government has implemented various measures to control edible oil prices domestically. Reductions in import duties and efforts to pass on price decreases directly to consumers have contributed to significant price reductions in refined edible oils.

    The Department of Consumer Affairs diligently monitors daily retail and wholesale prices of essential food commodities. The Price Stabilization Fund (PSF) plays a crucial role in maintaining buffer stocks of pulses and onions, ensuring market stability and affordable prices for consumers.

    Continued Support for Farmers and Consumers
    Through a combination of policy interventions, procurement mechanisms, and market stabilization measures, the government remains steadfast in its commitment to the welfare of farmers and consumers alike. From ensuring MSPs for farmers to providing subsidized food grains and essential commodities to consumers, the government's initiatives aim to strengthen agriculture and enhance food security across the nation.

    Source: Krishi Jagran


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27 Aug 2020

Mr Anil Ghanwat
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Designation : President, Shetkari Sanghatana

Name : Dr Bindu R. Pillai

Designation : Acting Director and Head, Aquaculture Production and Environment Division, ICAR-Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture

Name : Dr O.P. Yadav

Designation : Director, ICAR-Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Jodhpur

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Name : Shubh Swain

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