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    Uttar Pradesh Agriculture Set to Transform by US Plasma Water Solutions

  • Date : 11 October, 2023

    Plasma Water Solutions (I) Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Plasma Water Solutions Inc, USA, has teamed up with the Uttar Pradesh government to revolutionize agriculture in the northern Indian state.In collaboration with the Uttar Pradesh Diversified Support Program (UPDASP) and UP Horticulture, a branch of the Uttar Pradesh Department of Agriculture, Plasma Water Solutions has introduced a groundbreaking technology known as Plasma-sized WaterTM. This innovative approach harnesses the power of nature, water, and electricity to benefit the agricultural sector.

    The inauguration of this technology took place in Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh, on October 5, as per a company statement. The primary goal of this collaboration is to enhance agricultural productivity and significantly reduce the reliance on chemical inputs through technological and innovative means.

    Plasma-sized WaterTM represents a significant leap forward in agricultural practices. It influences the genetic pathways and circuits within crop plants, leading to faster and more efficient germination, accelerated growth, disease prevention, and improved stress tolerance.

    All of these factors ultimately contribute to increased crop productivity and higher quality yields. By reducing the need for chemical inputs, this technology promotes sustainable farming practices, aligning perfectly with the vision of the Uttar Pradesh government for its farmers.

    Manoj Kumar Singh, Agriculture Production Commissioner, Infrastructure and Industrial Development Commissioner, and Additional Chief Secretary to the Government of Uttar Pradesh, emphasized the significance of this partnership. He noted that it represents a significant milestone and a strong commitment within the community to foster growth, innovation, and collaboration in the region.

    The collaboration is aimed at achieving food security in the face of climate change, which requires the collective efforts of agtech companies like Plasma Water Solutions, the government, farmers, and other key stakeholders in the agricultural ecosystem.

    Jerry Zuchowicki, Chief Revenue Officer of Plasma Water Solutions Inc., highlighted the importance of this partnership in achieving food security in the era of climate change. He stressed the need for agtech companies, the government, and other stakeholders to work together to address this crucial issue.

    Pragya Kalia, Managing Director of Plasma Water Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd, expressed her belief that this innovation has the potential to revolutionize farming practices in line with the state's vision for sustainable and productive agriculture.

    Jai Prakash, Technical Coordinator at UPDASP, Uttar Pradesh Department of Coordination, emphasized the state's commitment to continuously introducing innovative ways to support farmer producer organizations and farmers.

    The government of Uttar Pradesh is eager to witness the results of these initiatives, which aim to diversify agriculture practices and support the farming community.

    The technology was inaugurated at Dinshaw Gaura Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) under the guidance of Intecco Technical Services Pvt Ltd. Intecco Technical Services Pvt Ltd is also playing a pivotal role in mentoring farmers and providing forward and backward linkages to transform the agricultural landscape in the region.

    Thus, Plasma Water Solutions has partnered with the Uttar Pradesh government to introduce Plasma-sized WaterTM, a technology that enhances crop growth, reduces chemical dependency, and promotes sustainable agriculture. This collaboration reflects a commitment to innovation, growth, and cooperation in the agricultural sector, aligning with the state's vision for sustainable and productive farming practices.


    Source: Khrishi Jagran 



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